Chores Update

I just wanted to give an update on how the whole chores list is going. The kids have really taken an interest in keeping up with the chores and they are disappointed when they don’t get a star next to an item they didn’t do that day.  They like getting the money, but they are really into keeping track of what they have done on their lists. 

They have gotten their money every week so far and they are really proud on the days that they get it.  We also have had them give 10% to God and that is something else they have been really excited about.  It is awesome to see them excited about getting chores done around the house.  It’s not to see that we don’t have to remind them, we do, but they are getting the hang of what is expected of them.  Even though on some things I feel like I have to ask a lot they are getting better than it use to be. 

Halee has done very well with the list and pretty much does a good job with everything.  Gavin has really struggled with the Going to Bed Good part and putting his clothes away.  I know that over time he will continue to get better at it.  The chores list has definitely been a good thing to implement into their daily routine, Helps us out too!!


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