Riding Without Training Wheels

The kids have past a milestone, learning to ride their bikes without training wheels.  As you can see in the previous video they have picked it up pretty good.  We are currently on the 3rd day and they both have it down pretty well.  The only thing is they are still not 100% in control, but that will come with time.  We went out again today and went around the neighborhood and they did awesome!  Both have learn how to get going on their own now, although it is a little harder for them to get started when going up hill.  I am so impressed with both of them.

Last year I wanted to teach Halee and felt she was ready, but always gave up.  I asked if they wanted to learn a couple of days ago and Halee said “No”, but Gavin said, “Yes.”  I went ahead and got started with him.  He pretty well got the hang of it within an hour, he only struggled to keep it on the path.  The next day he wanted to go out and practice some more and really got going very well.  He got to wear he could stay on the path decently.  At one point he made it all the way down the path behind our house.

At that point Halee was really excited for him.  I told her that I could have her riding her bike without training wheels within 30 minutes and she would have it down by the time that momma got home.  She was now interested after seeing Gavin do it.  She picked it up really fast once she got over the fear of me letting go.  She was cruising around within 20 minutes.  She didn’t go through all the spills that Gavin went through in the video.  I think it was because her bike was bigger, it is a lot more stable to ride a slightly bigger bike.  I had Gavin ride her bike after a bit and he even said, that it was a way easier to control. 

It is exciting to see them both cruising around on their bikes.  I also like the fact that they want to go outside and play since they are so excited to ride their bikes.  Perfect timing since the weather is going to start getting nice pretty soon.


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