Parent/ Teacher Conference

Today I had a parent/ teacher conference with Halee’s teacher.  It was actually my first one to get to go to this year at this school.  Halee is doing awesome in school.  Her teacher said that she was the one with the best handwriting in the class.  I believe that since Halee comes home and just enjoys spending the afternoon writing different things.  Her teacher also said that she is really active and loves doing art, which we also see in our house all the time.  Halee often asks her teacher if she could take some extra papers home so that she can play school with Gavin, she cracks me up!!  She is doing very well with reading and can tell that she is really picking up on the concepts of how to sound out words in order to read.

We are extremely proud of how well she is doing in school.  More important than anything we are happy that she loves going to school and has a blast with her friends and teachers.  Having a comfortable and fun environment makes it so much easier to learn.

Way to go Halee!!!

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