Out of School

As I had posted earlier we decided to save some money and take Gavin out of preschool.  This has been the first week for him to be at home with me and I have loved every minute of it. 

He went with me on Monday to the church to play basketball for about an hour.  He took the DS and a little basketball.  He played with those for a little while, but then watched me play with the guys most of the time.  After we left he said, “That was fun.”  You have to realize he didn’t want to go when I mentioned it to him earlier on.

We did go to school on Tuesday for about 30 minutes for him to take a picture with his class.  He got to play for a little while and he said that he was having fun and missed his friends after we left.  But, when I asked him if he wanted to go back he said, “No.”  When we got back home we both took a little rest for about 30 minutes. (I was dead after getting up at 7:30 when I went to bed at 2:00am after getting off work.)

Although he is out of school I want to make sure that he is still learning and getting a least some school type learning/ activities rather than just playing the whole time.  Yesterday I wanted to get a good idea of what he knew and we went through and he wrote out the alphabet in Upper and Lower case letters.  We also went through and worked on writing his numbers.  Each day we are going to work on bettering his writing skills.  We read for a while today and I had him learn to write some simple words like cat, dog, hat, bug.  He did an awesome job and even was able to sound out the words to figure out what he was writing.  I was extremely impressed with what he knows. 

The thing that gets me even more is how excited he is when he is learning new stuff, it always seemed to me that he was always wanting to do something else like tv, computer, or playing instead of sitting down to learn.  He has really gotten a kick out of me being the teacher.  This morning after breakfast one of the first things that he asked was “when are we going to do school daddy.”  It makes it so much easier when he is wanting to learn and is really excited about the things he is learning.

Even though I am sad that he is getting to play with his friends I know that we are going to have an awesome time together and I am going to treasure every moment I get with him.  I can’t wait till April when I will get to spend time with Halee when she gets home from school and I don’t have to go to work.

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