We have decided to give the kids a little weekly allowance, but we feel they need to learn to earn money.  We are going to give them $2 or $3 a week depending on how they do on their weekly chore list.  I made a chore list for them to decorate and then keep track of their daily chores.  I wouldn’t say that they are very hard and some of them aren’t really chores, but things we want them to do. 

Chores List:

  • Pick Up Toys & Books
  • Put Away Clothes (Clean ones in the drawer, dirty clothes in hamper.)
  • Help Put Away Dishes (After they are done eating we want them to put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher and wipe up any mess that was made.)
  • Obey Parents/ Granparents
  • Clean Up Messes You Made (This is for when they make messes when coloring or other messy activity.)
  • Go to Bed Good

Like I said there is nothing here to difficult and is all pretty easy but teaches them some responsibility.  The chart really helps them get excited about doing various things and getting stickers when they accomplish a chore.  So far they are doing pretty good and have done what is asked of them.  I hope that this continues in the long run.


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