Sad But Happy Day

Today was Gavin’s last day at Pre-k.  We made the decision to take him out to save a little money since I will be laid off March 31st.  We decided to take him out 3 weeks before because with Spring Break coming up for Halee Gavin wouldn’t be going either, but we would still have to pay for him since it is pre-k/ day care.  It is sad that he won’t be going any more and I know he has made some good friends there and has really enjoyed his teachers.  Kristee and I both have really liked the program that he was in and felt like it was awesome for him to get to go there.  Unfortunately due to the economy it will be in our best interest to take him out.  Obviously Halee continue to go there since she is in actual school. 

He even said that he was sad when he left and said that he was going to miss his friends and teachers, but then also he has been looking forward to this day. (we had been telling him for a couple of weeks)  Although it makes me sad to take him away from his school, but I am also excited to get the chance to spend a lot more time with him even before I am laid off.  We will have a good time.  I plan on getting on some little schedule for school type activities.  I really do look forward to spending more time with him, but it is a shame to see some changes that we are starting to make just because of our current economic situation.

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