Talking to Gavin

Everynight at about 7:50pm I call to talk to the kids before they go off to bed. Gavin is quite funny I can always tell that he is doing something else or wants to go and do whatever he is thinking about. The converstions are always short and he has even gone as far as getting on the phone an saying “Bye” and that is it.

Tonight was no exception. I was asking about school and dinner and he was answering and then all of the sudden he says “bye”. This time I caught him before hanging up the phone and said that I had no one else to talk to and I wanted to talk to him some more. His reply was “I’ve got to go.” I know 4 year olds are busy and all but I was pretty sure he had nothing if importance. Then he told me that he was going to go and watch tv by himself and then told it would be ok because he will get to see me tomorrow.

After a little bit of convincing he decided to talk to me a little longer. It actually turned out to be the longest conversation I have ever had with him when I call from work. Some of the things that he comes up with just crack me up. I guess in his eyes he is quite the busy guy.


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