2 New Photo Albums

Halee and Gavin got invited to a birthday party at the bowling alley. This was their first time bowling and both of them had a blast. It was cosmo bowling which is why a lot of the photos were dark. Also you will notice at the end of the album when the kids got to meet Tigger Halee was fine with saying hi to him. She has usually always been scared of the big characters, maybe she is getting over the fear a little.

From 1st Time Bowling

The kids and I got to go to the zoo this past weekend with some friends of ours. They loved going to the zoo and seeing all the cool animals. We even got to see come monkeys play fighting all over their cage and the kids thought that was hilarious.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with kids, and all the kids wanted to pull the wagon, but they didn’t mind riding either.

From Trip to the Zoo with Friends

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