Loving School

I got to take the kids to school today.  I have several Mondays since I don’t work the night before.  But they really are both doing well in school and really enjoying it a lot.  It feels so good to have your kids happy to go to school.  I dropped Halee off first this morning and walked her in and helped put her stuff away and then to her seat she gave me a big hug and then sat down.  I gave her a big smile and blew her a kiss as I walked out the door and she smiled and then looked like she was going to start talking to one of her friends.  Man, it is awesome to see that. 

After dropping Halee off I took Gavin to his room and we had to do his routine of going to the bathroom, but when I left I was able to give him a hug and kiss and left.  They have a camera at the door that the kids can look at and I waved as I walked out and then he can run to the window and watch me walk down the side walk to the car.  I really think he likes being able to do that and wave to me as I am walking away. 

Both Kristee and I are extremely happy with the school that they are in and are really glad we made the decision to put the kids in school there.  Whether or not they stay there another year hasn’t been decided, but I know Kristee and I would like to put them in the public school, when they can both go all day. 

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