1st Full Week of School

This kids had their first full week of school this past week. From what I have gotten them to tell me about school, they are really enjoying their new school. They both have said that they have made several new friends and are loving their teachers. They are both doing good being dropped off according to Kristee. They did have a couple of crying times last week, but I think they have been fine being dropped off this entire week.

Halee has memorized her first Bible verse this week and does and awesome job of saying it. Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” It is really exciting to hear her say it. She has also continued learning her letters.

Gavin has been doing little projects and learning his numbers. He made a “wave in a bottle”. He was pretty proud of it. When I say he has been learning his numbers I mean that he has been learning to write his numbers. He says that he has had a fun time playing with his friends.

It hasn’t been the greatest for me, because I really don’t get to see the kids till the weekends. I do talk to them on the phone over lunch at work, but it is pretty quick since they are headed to bed. Plus talking to them on the phone is just not the same was seeing them. Eventually I hope that this changes, but we will make do for now.


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