We’re in Trouble!!!

This morning while Kristee was getting Halee dressed for school, she was complaining about her hair not being right after Kristee tried to fix it.  The funny thing is that she is generally happy with her hair when she fixes it herself, but when momma is trying to help her fix it, it never is just right.  There was a lot of commotion going on about it being too high, not in the right spot, etc…  If she is being this picky when she is just 5 I cannot wait till she is a teenager, it might be quite the adventure.

I must say that there is a good chance that she got this pickiness from her daddy, yes yours truly.  I do remember being quite the picky kid growing up even into my adulthood.  I was picky about my clothes, food, hair.  It reminded me of this time in Costa Rica when I wanted a bowl cut. (Long on top shaven around sides and back.)  Dad gave me the haircut and after it was done I literally went and cried, what a baby!!!  The funny thing is after doing that and getting use to it I took it a step further and shaved the sides and the back all the way up and then grew my hair out really long on the top.

It is really funny to see these little character traits come out of our kids.  The other thing is that Gavin shows some of the same signs too.  So Kristee and I may be in trouble once they get into their rebelious teen years. 

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