Ears Pierced

Well since we have been up here in Kansas City Halee has been wanting to get her ears pierced while we were up here. We made her think about it overnight, but she woke up this morning still wanting to get them done.

The only thing that worried her was that it might hurt. I told her that it doesn’t hurt to get them pierced and I think that helped out a little bit. She wasn’t at all nervous and didn’t cry at all and re lady that did them said that most girls her age are extremely nervous and usually cry. She did get a look of shock after feeling the first one go in. After she was done she said that it didn’t hurt at all which is awesome! Kristee on the other hand was extremely nervous about getting them done.

She looks extremey cute with her little ears pierced. She got little diamond starter earrings. (Actually cz). She is really excited to have gotten them done. She kept saying, I can’t believe that I got pierced ears.


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