Back to School

The kids have returned to school as of yesterday. They were both excited about going back to school. We decided to have them go to a different school this year. Location and cost were the deciding factors. They both did pretty good yesterday when we dropped them off. Halee cried a little bit, but Gavin went in and started playing right away. They both said they had a really good time and made some new friends which is really exciting to hear.

Today when they were dropped off at school it was opposite reaction. Halee went in fine, but Gavin cried.  Hopefully before too long they will both be back in the swing of things and going to school fine.  It is crazy to think that Halee has officially started going to school.  She is in Kindergarten this year and it blows my mind.

For me it has been a little rough to see them go off to school, just because of my schedule.  Since I work 2nd shift, I only get to see them a little in the morning, if I am awake and on the weekends.  It is kind of sad sitting here without any noise in the house.  I miss having them around before I head off to work and now that they aren’t here I don’t have anyone to tell goodbye when I go off to work.  Hopefully within a year or so I can transfer to 1st shift and it won’t be a problem.

I took some photos that I will get posted asap.


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