Enjoyment and Frustrations…Of a 2 Year Old…

I love watching Halee grow up and learn all kinds of new things, but in watching she also does a lot of things that frustrates the mess out of me. I now truly know the meaning of terrible 2’s. It is crazy to compare the differences between 1 and 2 years of age, considering Gavin is 1 it is very easy to see the drastic difference just 1 year makes. That just means that in a year we will be going through the terrible 2’s again with him.

I must say that Halee is learning more than ever now, she is saying new words and starting to put words together to form phrases and sentences together. I would say that she has actually said her first two sentences this past week, “I need a bath!” and “I need help!” Out of the blue she came running to me and said she needed a bath and I was blown away. She can communicate just about anything that she wants and that makes it easy to figure out what the problem is and solve it. As with Gavin he can’t quite communicate directly, but we can figure it out it is either hungry, tired, dirty or Halee just clobbered him. Halee is also an incredible helper, when she wants to be. She does help me out a lot and sometimes tries to help out a little too much. She is really a happy and most of the time an obedient little girl, but then again she has her moments of disobedience as does every child. I must say that I am very proud to say that both of our kids are extremely happy and really get along very well with one another. There are a few fight here and there, but overall Halee, being the older, really tries to take care of her little brother and plays with him very well. Gavin really doesn’t understand sharing all that well.

Onto the frustrations, Halee is without a doubt at the age in which she really is trying to test the boundaries. I know that a 2 year old doesn’t fully understand everything and doesn’t always understand listening to what mom and dad say. I know that she does understand somethings that she isn’t suppose to do and will sometimes do them intentionally just to test us a parents. Sometimes it is hard for me not to laugh when she deliberately does something “bad”, just because she will give that mischievous look. (Trust me it is cute!) Another thing that I have noticed about the age of 2 is the amount of crying that is done. She will cry when she can’t do something herself or she doesn’t get her way. And I must say that most of the time when she does break into these crying moments she is extremely tired. It frustrates Kristee and I both because it can be so hard to get her to calm down enough to help her or get her to say what the problem is. Rather than coming and asking in words it is in the form of crying, and trust me crying is hard to understand. Hopefully before too long Halee will begin to realize that crying is not the way to go about getting her way, but to simply ask. Gavin has learned to use the whining and pitching fits method when he gets frustrated, boy he can turn it on and off within seconds. (It is really hard not to laugh.)

Gavin has learned how to drink out of a sippy cup and is doing a good job at it, but occasionally will spit out what he just put in his mouth, he really makes a mess. Over the next few months we will probably start phasing out his bottle and formula. I must say that I am privilege to be around my kids a lot and watch them accomplish so much in their young lives. It is a blast to watch them both develop and learn new things.


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