Another Day, Another Year

It is really hard to believe that Gavin just turned 4 today. Where has the time gone? It is crazy to think that he is really that old already, I have looked at video of Gavin when we were living up in KC and he was just a baby when we arrived there. It really isn’t that long ago that we started living in Lees Summit. These kids are growing way too fast.

What is interesting about Gavin’s birthday is that it falls right in with Graduation for most of the high schools around here. We have had a number of parties to attend this weekend. (All family) We also had our church graduation ceremonies today. Seeing some of these kids that are now graduating high school really blows my mind. I was fortunate enough to know a number of them back when they were in elementary school and now to see them graduating high school is just too crazy.

For us it is a great reminder to really try to enjoy all that we can with our kids while they are young. It isn’t going to be long before they are to that wonderful age when hanging with your parents isn’t “cool”. Then they are off to college.

On another note Gavin really had an awesome day, I guess I should say week. He had been waiting for his 4th birthday to get here for months. He got to have a party at school with his class, which he really enjoyed. As a matter of fact today he woke up at 6:30 asking if he could open his birthday presents. Trust me he was excited.

He got a full covering Spiderman costume (that he had been dying to get), a braum’s big rig truck, power rangers coloring books, KU clothes, some dinosaurs, a spiderman puzzle, a Wall-e toy, and Optimus Prime transformer. He was so excited about receiving all the gifts. I took some photos that I will post up soon, he was literally bouncing all around the room as he was opening his presents. I plan on getting some photos of him in his full spiderman suit, but today he was wearing it with Cowboy boots. Trust me Spiderman with black cowboy boots is kind of goofy looking. Although I may throw in a few photos of him wearing that also.

I am really so proud of both of our kids and how well they are doing. They are really both getting to be “big” kids now and it is neat to see them maturing each and everyday. They are both learning so much at school and church, I must say that I am an extremely proud dad!

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