1st Day Back

Well today was my first day back in the workforce, kind of. I actually started my training today with Cessna for sheet metal assembly. I will be going to these classes for the next 3 weeks before getting hired on at Cessna. I think it is going to go by pretty fast. The class today was a little enjoyable in the sense that I was learning all new stuff. Learning about planes a little, but mostly blueprint. Which is what I will spend the remaining of this week studying. I will then have a final on blueprint this Friday and then move on to more hands on type work the following 2 weeks. I think that everything is going to go fine for me and I look forward to what all I am going to learn.

Unfortunately Gavin is not feeling all that well today and has been running a fever all day long. Please pray for him to get to feeling better so that we can have the crazy, jumping Gavin back. Even though he can be a handful when he is crazy acting, it is a lot better than seeing him lay around not being himself all day.


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