The Better Parent

We had something funny happen very early this morning (5 am). Gavin woke up and used the bathroom and then went to get back in bed. He is extremely picky about how his covers are on him. Kristee tried to make him happy but he would just cry and fuss about it, then I went in to see if I could make it right, but it was the same thing. He just cried about his blankets and I would arrange them the way he was telling me, but it wouldn’t make him happy. I told him that I was through and was going back to bed and he could do it on his own.

He continued to cry and carry on, then we hear little footsteps going across the floor and it was Halee leaving her room. She went into Gavin’s room and started talking to him to help in out. He quit crying and she fixed his blankets the way he wanted them and he was quiet and went back to sleep. It is crazy to see that he responds better to Halee, I mean he quit crying and actually talked to her rather than cry to hear. And then the fact that a five year old can fix his blankets the way he wanted them fixed and 2 grown adults couldn’t figure it out. From now on I think Halee just needs to get up in the night and help him out when he has problems. Oh and when she finished fixing his blankets she told him that she was going to get back in bed and she did.

They are so cute and hilarious when they interact with one another.


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