From the Mouth of a 3 Year Old

“I want my life back!” That is what Gavin said to Kristee while they were on their way to school this morning. As you know the kids have started going to preschool since returning to Wichita. They are both enrolled into their respective age groups. Gavin missed 3 days last week and Halee has now missed 4 days of school due to sickness. This week has been extremely tough for Gavin in the morning, he acts excited for the most part while on his way to school, but then when we are dropping him off in the class he starts crying. It really is hard for both Kristee and I and we know it will eventually get better. No one likes to see their children upset and each morning this week we have left Gavin at school crying. We do know this is the best thing for him right now and can’t wait for it to get better but it is rough.

One other possibility is the fact that he knows that Halee has been staying home all this week while he is at school by himself. We are both hoping that when Halee gets to start going again he might do a little better knowing that his big sister is there at the school with him.

I couldn’t get over the comment that Gavin said this morning, it really sounds so grown up. When you really think about what he has gone through recently with us moving back new home, Sunday School, church activities and preschool, it is easy to understand. But for him to come up with that phrase all on his own is very funny, but yet sad in a sense. He realizes that it is tough right now and it use to be so much easier when he got to stay home with his dad everyday.

Please pray for both the kids as they are going through these tough transitions in their young lives. Pray that Kristee and I can say and do the right things to help them both cope with the new things that are happening in their lives.

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