Halee’s 1st Day at School

Here are photo taken before Halee headed off for her 1st day of school. Gavin was suppose to go, but got my pink eye, so he had to stay home. He was dying to go, and hopefully he will be better in the next few days.

Halee had an awesome time at school, she came home all excited about school and looked forward to going again today. She didn’t cry or anything when Kristee dropped her off. Kristee on the other hand did cry after she left Halee, kind of funny. I am just glad that she had such a fun time at school, I hope she gets to make lots of good friends and learns a lot of new fun and exciting stuff. The only thing that she doesn’t like about school so far is the fact that she has to get up so early to go.

I can’t wait for Gavin to be able to go and see what it is like, they are both definitely ready for school and it is exciting to see them looking forward to going. I will post photos of Gavin when he finally gets to go.

Halee's 1st Day of School

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