We are officially moved and it is a good feeling, now only if we could sell our home. We got moved in this past weekend and are for the most part unpacked minus a few items in Kristee’s car. We also still have some outdoor stuff up in Lees Summit, that just wouldn’t fit on the truck. Kristee has to go back up in January so we will get the rest of that stuff when we go back. Since it is only backyard stuff it really isn’t that big of a deal.

Kristee has gone to the clinic three times this week to start meeting and seeing her new patients. It is exciting to see her getting to go to work and start using everything that she learned in her own clinic. It is weird to think that we are not going to go back to Lees Summit, but it is a good thing because now we can start this next big step in our lives.

Big thanks goes out to Jon for all the help that he provided in moving the big stuff couldn’t have done it without him. I appreciated the help from Kamra, Ian, Bill, Nancee, Bill, Dana and Andrew. It definitely made the move go a lot quicker having so many people to help us.


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