Gavin’s Outfit

This is Gavin’s favorite outfit to wear. For awhile before he got the spiderman shirt it was a combination of any long sleeve shirt and long pants, even when it was 100 degrees outside. (He has a thing for long sleeve shirts and pants, not sure why.) But this is it, the one outfit that he thinks about wearing all the time. He has even gone as far as digging through all the dirty clothes so that he can wear it again. I finally convinced him that it needed to be washed the other day. Today it was washed and he helped me every step of the way. He was so excited to be doing laundry it was funny, he couldn’t wait for us to get to the darks. The funny thing is that the last time that it was washed, I had the clothes sitting in piles ready to be washed. Gavin went downstairs and after a few minutes of him not returning I went to check on him. He was sitting down next to the pile of clothes and I asked “What are you doing?” He replied, “I am watching the laundry.” I busted out laughing, I could hardly contain myself. Not sure if he thought watching it would help it move a little faster. He is definitely a little character with a lot of personality.

The funny thing is that we remember Halee acting like this with one of her outfits when she was about his age. (I tried to find a photo with her wearing it, but came up empty handed if I come across one I will post it.) It was light blue Juicy shirt with some Gap jeans. She had the same obsession with wearing it as he does. It is funny the phases that they go through.


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