Spying on Kids

One thing I always love about watching the kids, is watching them play when they don’t know you are watching. Especially when they are playing together, it is a blast to watch them interact with each other.

Right now the kids are outside and playing like they are going through McDonalds drive thru. Each of them have their own vehicles and have formed lanes in which they drive through. Halee was in front ordering hamburgers and chocolate milk along with some baby food for her babies in her car. Gavin is sitting behind her listening to her order. Gavin hears Halee order baby food and said to Halee they don’t have baby food. They got into a little argument about the food and then Gavin looked up to the “window” and said, “Sir, you have baby food? No, oh ok.” Then he let Halee know what he had said. Then that lead to the fact that was not talking to a man, but a girl.

It is really funny to watch how they interact with one another and it give you a glimpse into how their little minds work, especially when they don’t know that you are watching them. They are without a doubt very cute, when they are getting along, and that is most of the time.


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