Kristee had her part 3 boards today and she feels like they went well for her. It was definitely the shorts of the boards to date. The first 2 took 2 days each to complete. I know that she is relieved to have this part over. Now she just has one more board to take to be done with all the boards. She will be taking part 4 in December. It is definitely exciting to see the end of school coming, it is just so hard to believe how fast her schooling has gone by. It is unbelievable to think that she is starting her last trimester on Wednesday.

Update on our clinic situation: I had mentioned that I found a previous property that we really liked had come available, but looking further into it the 2 parties a still working out the details and look as if they are going to close the deal. So we went back to looking into other properties. We are looking at a couple out in East Wichita, but have also started looking at a couple of properties in Valley Center (just outside of Wichita). Please continue to pray for us as we continue to look for the ideal location for our future practice.


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