Next American Idol

The other night we were watching American Idol and one of the funniest things happened. Kristee and I were sitting on the coach watching the end of American Idol (we usually don’t watch it, but there was nothing else on, we usually stop after all the auditions are over anyways) and we heard Gavin back in his room singing, carrying a nice tune. It wasn’t particular song other than words he was putting together in his own song. Kristee and I looked at each other and both laughed quietly. Then pretty soon we could hear it getting louder and he was coming down the hall. He had, in his hand, one of the little poles from his tee-ball set and was using it as a mic. He was really getting into it too, very cute to see, but the minute he realized we were looking at him he got a little embarrassed and stopped. We asked him to come and perform in front of us, but he just started acting all goofy. I really wish that I had a video camera recording him in his room with no one watching, it could have been some really cute footage. He was singing back in his room for a couple of minutes before coming out, just wish I could have gotten it on video.


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