Halee has been scared at night right before she goes to bed all week long.  This is the first sign that she has shown any kind of fear at night.  It happens every night right before she lays down for bed time.  Every time she starts to cry and say that she doesn’t want to go to bed.  Either Kristee or I sit with her and talk to her about why she is scared.  She always says that she is afraid of the birds.  A couple of weeks ago we must have had a nest at the top of our chimney because every once in a while we would hear what sounded like birds flapping their wings.  Anyways, the birds have been gone for quite some time now, but just recently Halee thinks about those dang birds right before she goes to bed and thinks that they might get her. 

I have sat down and explained to her that the birds have left and found a new home.  That they couldn’t get into our home if they wanted to and that the birds are way more afraid of her than she is of them.  I hope that this somehow helps her with her fear and that we won’t have these episodes for long, but who knows, it may be the beginning of her finding more things that she is afraid of.  Although I think that she is really afraid, part of me thinks that part of it is trying to get out of going to bed. (She does understand that the birds are gone, but may be using that to try to stay up with Kristee and I.)  The only reason I say that is because she is fine after about a minute of talking to her about it.  If it were a real fear I would think there would  be longer periods of being afraid even after the talk.

Either way, I hope that she gets over whatever is going on in her little mind, I don’t like it when either of them are scared.


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