It’s a New Year

It has been a little while since my last post. We spent most of Kristee’s Christmas break in Wichita and we also went to Colorado to do a little snowboarding. We had a really good time minus me spraining my ankle on the 3rd run of the 1st day. So it didn’t turn out to be my dream snowboarding trip that I was hoping for. Oh well I am still limpin around a little bit and it still is quite sore. We also wanted to give Halee the chance to take ski lessons and everything was going great right up till the point in which the ski instructor came over and tried to take her back to the room with all the other kids. We tried and tried to get her to go, but it just wasn’t going to happen. She said that she would go when she was 4. (We will see, she might go if Gavin goes and I have a good feeling that Gavin will go.) Kristee’s parents went with us and we were there over Christmas which was kind of different being away from home over Christmas.

Kristee has actually had a longer Christmas break this year over last year, she doesn’t go back till next Wednesday where last year she had already been in school for a few days by now. She has really enjoyed the extended break to relax and we have enjoyed having her home during the day for this extra week or so. It is hard to believe that she is headed into her last year of school. We have actually started looking for a place for our future practice and we have pin pointed a specific area in Wichita, but now need to get an exact location and start getting the loans and all that fun stuff. It is a little nerve racking, but kind of exciting all together. Just to think that a year from now we will be back in Wichita starting our practice, it is just crazy. (We also know that 1 year is nothing and it will go by extremely fast, the 1st 2 years have flown by.)

The kids are doing great and it is hard to believe that Halee will be turning 4 in just a couple of weeks. Did you hear that, 4, I just can’t believe that she is already that old. She is becoming quite the little lady. Her personality just cracks me up sometimes. She can at times just seem to old, she really has that motherly instinct with Gavin and her babies. (And she has a lot of babies) She is really helpful around the house (when she wants to be) and she enjoys helping cook. She is just a great joy to be around and a true blessing in my life. She is just growing up way too fast!!

Gavin is also growing up way too fast. He is 2 1/2 and has one of the most incredible little personalities I have seen in a kid his age. He absolutely loves and adores his big sister. he can be so sweet most of the time. He does have his terrible 2 moments, but it really does seem like he is getting close to ending that stage in his life. It is hard to descibe his personality without hearing him talk bacause man can he carry on a conversation with anyone. He really isn’t shy with anyone and will just about strike up a conversation with anyone who pays him any attention. Again I can’t believe that he is going to be turning 3 years old this year. It is amazing at just how much he is growing up. Both kids just bring a smile to my face and they are a blast to have around, most of the time, lol!!!

I hope that everyone is doing well and that everyone has a great 2007!!!

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