A Good Week!

This past week, Jon came up to visit us and we really had a good time. We got to go down to Wichita to ride some wet bikes out at the cabin, we went to Worlds of Fun and had a blast, and also went to Dave & Busters to get our game on. And of course went out to eat a lot, you can’t come to Kansas City and not go out to eat!!!

It was good to see him and I know the kids really enjoyed having him up here rather than just a face on the computer. Jon got a chance to see what the terrible 2’s are all about. But he also got to see just how well behaved Halee can be when she is not being egged on by her brother. Gavin was sure to demonstrate that phase of his life for him in full force. With Gavin wanting to show us just how independent he is, Jon saw first hand just how much Gavin likes to defy any kind of authority that tries to tell him what to do.

Gavin has been doing extremely well with potty training. He has his accidents here and there, but those mainly happen when he is so focused on doing something else that he just forgets. He has learned to do 1 & 2, and has also learned to tell us (or Halee) when he needs to go. Halee has been a very good mother and has been extremely helpful in his potty training. Kristee and I are really glad that we are having to change diapers any more other than his night time and nap time diaper, which he has been keeping fairly clean for us.

Halee has been learning her ABC’s and she is really close to getting the whole alphabet in order, won’t be long before she has it down. Gavin can say his ABC’s to G and then hums the rest of it.(sometimes it is hard to get him to stop) Halee is in the process of learning her numbers up to 20 she does really well up to 13, but then skips to sixteen. Gavin can successfully count to 7 on his own and is close to getting to 10. Gavin has also learned almost all of “Jesus Loves Me”. I have it on video tape and plan on posting it to the website soon! They are really growing up and are excited about learning all kinds of new things and it really is a blast to watch. I have been meaning to get a height and weight update and hopefully will get that done tomorrow. I have some other photos that I need to get up on the website also and will get that done sometime soon.


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