Opening Doors

Gavin has started opening doors in the house, oh no!!! We have been able to keep Gavin somewhat quarantined to certain areas of the house until this week. Earlier this week he opened the front door, I thought that maybe it wasn’t completely closed, so I didn’t think much of it. We always have closed Gavin’s door at night when he is sleeping so that it is quieter for him and to keep him in his room. 2 days ago I was woken by Gavin climbing into bed with me, which is not unusual because Halee usually will hear him and open his door for him. This time Gavin was by himself and Halee was still sleeping in her bed.

Fortunately Gavin has been really good about staying in his room and going to bed for us. Hopefully he will stay that way and not discover that he can delay bedtime by coming out of his room several times like his big sister does. As of right now his has also refrained from trying to open the bathroom door and my bedroom door and I hope that he continues to stay uninterested. (Possible playing in the toilet, I don’t want to deal with that.) He is just tall enough to stand up and grab the door knob and twist it to open it, I had him demonstrate it for me today just to make sure he was opening it. I don’t mind him opening the doors, but as long as he doesn’t try to escape out the front door or go into our bedroom or bathroom. Just another one of those stepping stones.


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