First Day

Well I picked up the kids after they attended their first day of school and they had a blast. They were all sitting around in a circle reading a book when I got there. They both were hot as if they had just finished playing outside. They both got to color some pictures, play inside and outside, and have story time. I am not sure what else they did, I can’t get Halee to quite tell me the truth about what they all did. The first thing she said was that they didn’t get to play with playdough. (They play with playdough during Sunday school) Then later on she said that she did get to play with playdough outside, so go figure. She did get a little scratch on her knee and she said that she fell while she was running. She also told me that she raced this other big girl and she won, she said that the other girl was slow and she was fast. So whether or not that really happened I do not know, but at least they came back with lots of fun things to tell me. Gavin just kept saying that they had fun, and both of them are excited to go back next week. I have video of them before and after school, and plan on putting it together soon, so it should be up in a day or two.

On another note I also got Gavin to show everyone how to say night-night prayers and the one will soon be up also.


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