I just found this fairly new site, imeem, that I believe really has something going for itself and see an incredible potential for it to be extremely successful. I know that there are other site that are similar and off the same style of space on the web for your content such as, MySpace. Which are known as networking site that you build for yourself to make friends. I have not been the biggest fan of MySpace due to the fact that some site can be extremely over baring and tough to read. iMeem really has a very clean interface and doesn’t seem to have as much big advertising as MySpace does. What impressed me about it was that it was first and foremost free. But it really seems to have a lot going for it. I really look at it like a place for you and your friends to truly share your content with anyone you want. It has built IM support for all the major IM clients which is really cool. It has a lot of the same functionalities of flickr, youtube, MySpace, AIM, MSN Messenger, etc… all built into one site and one app for your computer if you want to use the app. They have an application for both Windows and Mac which is really awesome. I don’t always like going to a website to upload new content to my sites and this application really allows you to add photos, blog post, etc… without the browser open. I have really just found this new social networking site really attractive and simple with an extremely easy to use interface. As of right now there is no limit on how much content you put on your page which is incredible and I hope doesn’t change!!! If you find yourself using several different sites like flickr, youtube and blogger or myspace to share your photos, videos, thoughts with friends and family I would highly recommend signing up for an imeem account. I have never been one for these social networking site, but this one just has so many extras that I couldn’t help to sign up and create my own imeem site.

As you can tell I have added a link to our website to my imeem site so you can check it out. I added a photo album and video to test it out and see what it would look like and came away impressed. I will being using it on a regular basis as I do the rest of the site, but I will mainly post content that is of interest to me and about me. Please check it out and see what I am talking about I am sure that some of you will be impressed with what you see. Sign up for an account, it is really easy to do, create your own imeem site. Let me know what your page address is and I will link to you. I am really excited about this and hope that at least a few of you get an imeem account.


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  1. After seeing your invite to it, I downloaded the Windows Version here at work to use as a chat client. Looks like they have some issues with AIM, MSN, and Google Talk connections. Hopefully I can get it to work. I like the idea as I hate MySpace. Facebook is alright, but it is only available to those with a school email address. I think it is also open to professionals too with a company email address.