Who’s Sleeping in Our Bed?

I am not sure as to whether this is a good habit that Halee has started, but she has done it for the past 3 days. 3 nights ago Kristee and I got back to get ready for bed and who do we see asleep in our bed, Ms. Halee. We both laughed about it and thought it was pretty cute seeing her under our covers all snuggled up with our pillows. So I carried her back to her bed and she slept clear through the night. The next day at nap time I took her through her normal routine and later on went back to our room for something and there she was taking a nap in our bed. That night the exact same thing happened again. Yesterday she did stay in her bed for her nap, but last night she attempted to go get in our bed to go to sleep, but we heard her close the door. The funny thing is that she doesn’t like to sleep with her door closed, but has been closing our door when she goes to sleep in our bed. Since we caught her we took her back to her room and asked her to stay in her room to go to sleep. Then, later on as Kristee was going to bed, she found Halee in there again. She must have snuck in there later on and we did not her. Yesterday morning I asked her about it and she responded with, “Cause Halee like to!” She proceeded to tell me that she really likes sleeping in a big bed with big covers and pillows, it was quite funny to hear her explain it. Again, I am not sure whether this is a good habit that she is forming, but it sure is cute to walk in and see her sound asleep in our bed. We will just have to see if it continues…


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