Gavin and Halee wanted to ride the vehicles again today, it was pretty nice outside. It is really funny, but they both have their favorite vehicles they like to ride. If you have watched the videos you may have noticed that Halee is pretty much always in the hummer and Gavin is more comfortable with driving the 4-wheeler. They will alternate occasionally, but eventually end up going back to their original rides. Today Gavin showed the 1st signs of actually steering the 4-wheeler. He was turning it to go around things, needless to say he wasn’t perfect and ran into a few gates. But it is a start and he is beginning to understand that he needs to steer in order to keep from running into things. Halee on the other hand can whip that hummer around like it is no one’s business, she is getting better and better. We even had them out racing around the shed and they were both having a great time.

We also got out Halee’s bicycle that she got this past Christmas. She has ridden it a little before, but struggled a little with the peddling since it is a little different than the tricycle. As I was watching her today, I noticed it wasn’t because of that, her seat was way too low. Her knees would just about come up to her face, and I thought I couldn’t even ride a bicycle if my knees were coming up that high. I adjusted her seat to find a height that would suit her size and that was the difference. She took off and didn’t have any problems at all. I will say that she has to get use the fact that if you try to peddle backwards then you will stop, since they are the brakes. She is use to a tricycle which allows you to peddle backwards. She knows how to stop it is just a matter of reminding her. I was very impressed with the way that she handled the new bicycle.


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