Spring Break!

Well it is Kristee’s spring break this week. She is really enjoying being off of school and being able to just relax around the house and with the kids. It is a well deserved and needed break. We are really excited and looking forward to this weekend, we will be heading down to Wichita either tomorrow or Thursday. On Saturday we will be picking up my sister and brother-in-law and my brother at the airport in Wichita. They are coming up to spend next week with us. Sarah’s spring break falls next week rather than this week. We are excited to have them all coming up to spend some time up here in Kansas City with us. We will have to make sure that we show them a good time up here. Just a little note to let everyone know what we are all up to.

For those that left comments on the videos, I am sorry that I did not see the comments sooner. I didn’t set the email notification so I didn’t know that there were comments. I have fixed the problem and will now know when you post comments on either the photos and videos. I have responded to the comments now. We really enjoy any comments that are left in the blog, videos or photos.


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