Not Terrible 2’s

Well I think that Gavin has officially started the “Terrible 2’s”. He is becoming extremely difficult to discipline and he is also getting very fussy when he doesn’t get his way. I must say that he isn’t always like this, but they are coming a lot more often which leads me to think that he might have started the terrible 2’s a little early. If he doesn’t like it then he definitely lets you know about it and anyone else within his vocal range. He is really forming his own opinion of how things should be done and again lets you know if you are doing it wrong. For example he doesn’t want to ride in the seat of a shopping cart like he use to, but would rather ride in the big area of the cart or walk. When he walks he just wonders around and doesn’t even care if you are there with him at all, which is a little scary. Unfortunately he has learned how to pitch a fit from his older sister and they can be a little crazy at times. I must say that both kids are really good kids, but do have their moments, but don’t we all?


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