New Tools

I have added a couple of new features to the website today that I find cool, but some may not care. I have added a comments section to both the photos and videos sections of the website. I know I don’t get a whole lot of comments on our blog, but thought it was a pretty cool addition to both areas of the site. Since they are both setup in a blog style format with post about any new content it will allow the few that do comment to give me your comments on the photos or video that you are looking at. And for those that read these and don’t comment we welcome all comments and look forward to hearing from our readers. I hope that some of you do take advantage of the comments section and leave an occasional comment. I have actually just added the comment feature to the last 2 photo albums and last 2 videos, didn’t see much on going back to the beginning. It will be added on all new photo albums and videos from now on.

I have also finally figured out how to add a search box to the blog and am excited about using it myself. It is up and running and hopefully working decently, this one is probably more for my use than others, but who knows. I just think it is really handy to have on a blog with a lot of post. It doesn’t just search the blog, but our entire site, which is pretty cool. I am going to try to look into a way to get it on the main page of the site which will also be pretty handy. I hope that these new tools will help with navigation on our site and communication between you and us.


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