Big Girl, Big Boy

As you may have already read we started a couple of weeks ago with Halee going to bed without a night-night diaper. She has been dry at night ever since the last post and feel confident to say that she is completely potty trained. She has been doing great about getting up if she needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It is exciting and I know that she is very proud of herself and not having to wear night-night diapers. We are very proud parents and look forward to the time when Gavin is potty trained.

Speaking of Gavin and his potty training it has been going very well. He has been going to the bathroom occasionally, when he thinks about it, and actually goes potty every time he sits down. We are just waiting and letting him tell us and will gradually start pushing to get him to let us know every time he needs to go. He is very comfortable with going and gets excited about it too. I guess it must make him feel like a big boy. These are always exciting times during their lives when they acheive another goal in their little lives.


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