Video Feeds Work

I just added a new video to the website and can now verify that all of the video feeds do work. Make sure that you subscribe to the photo and video feeds including the iTunes video feed then you will be able to watch the video at your desired size. I encoded this video different than the recent ones, my movie application added some new features and I thought I would test them out. I am not sure that it is compatible with the video iPod, so those people who own one please test the new video with it and let me know, I think it will work. Also if it doesn’t and you want to watch, or any video that you have, it on the video ipod the latest version of iTunes allows you to convert any video and make it compatible with the ipod. I am so excited about the recent upgrade to my software, it makes everything so much easier to add content to the website. I must add that if you subscribe to the rss feed you must click the read more.. link in order to watch the video if you are using Safari, Firefox doesn’t have a problem with the video in its own window, but Safari (Apple only) does. You can test it and see, but this has been an issue with any of the videos that are compatible with the video ipod.


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