New Cellphones

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Alright any of you out there that know me know that I am a gadget tech freak, I love all kinds of little gadgets. Anyways Kristee and I both got new cellphones with new service with Cingular. We use to have Verizon Wireless and really liked their service, but I didn’t care for some of the limitations that they put on their cellphones. We have had samsung phones for as long as we can remember and have always had a very good experience with those cellphones. I am excited to get onto a new service that will let me do what I want with MY CELLPHONE.

On with the cellphone, we both got sony ericsson w660i phones, they are the new walkman phones. The awesome thing is that we got them for free through with a 2 year contract of course. I have come to realize that I don’t mind being under a contract with service that is good and an awesome phone. They are a swivel style phone so either you like the style or you don’t. I personally really like the way that the phone looks. (I will post some pictures on here) It basically has an mp3 player, photo viewer, video player, camera, fm radio, web browser, email, you name it is has probably got it. I personally think this is the best phone I have ever used or owned and look forward to using it has my phone. I am not the pda/phone type of guy due to the fact that they usually are a little bigger and have some features that I will not use, plus they are a little more expensive. I will use all the features on this phone so it makes a lot more sense for me to buy this over a pda style phone. Anyone looking to get a new cellphone, I would highly recommend purchasing this phone it is well worth it and you won’t be disappointed. I am not going to go into extreme detail because if you are interested you will find tons of info online. I just wanted to right a little post about it. Our numbers have changed so if you wanted an update on the phone numbers either leave a comment or send me an e-mail and I will send you the new numbers.


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