The Trip!!

We had an absolute blast on our trip. The kids really had a good time staying at Nana’s and Papa’s house and we hope that they weren’t too big of a hassle. Kristee and I left on Tuesday night at about 10:30 pm and drove all night to get to Breckenridge, we arrived at Idaho Springs at around 5:30 am where we bought our lift tickets for the week. We were able to check in to our hotel early so that made it very nice to be able to change in our room rather than our car. We hit the slopes at around 9 am and I know that we were both tired, but excited to start snowboarding. We headed up the lift and Kristee was pretty nervous about learning how to snowboard again. We actually made it off the lift without any issues and I started to give Kristee her snowboard lesson. She actually started to pick it up decently, but we were just working on going back and forth on either heelside or toeside. I thought she was doing well enough to go up to a little higher green, but that was a mistake because Kristee wasn’t happy at all with the steepness of the green we went to. We got fairly close to the bottom, but she started having problems with her boots and decided to walk down and I went back up and snowboarded for a few more hours before lunch. We stayed at Breckenridge that whole day went out to eat and went to bed fairly early.

The second day was about the same as the first except we had a little accident getting off the lift and Kristee fell and hit her knee pretty hard on the ground. That really made her apprehensive for the rest of the day, but she did learn to do a toeside to heelside turn which really made me proud. After she was done I went back up and hit another part of the mountain that I had not been on before and really had a lot of fun and tried to take a few pictures up top. We went to Arapahoe Basin that afternoon and then went to Keystone for me to do a little night snowboarding. (That was an adventure!) I ended up having to go down a pitch black trail to get back to the lit trails so that I could make it to the bottom. It was fun and I would like to go at night again, but would like to be with someone else besides being by myself.

Kristee’s knee was hurting a little bit the next day, but I convinced her to give it another shot on the last day. We got an early start and made it off the lift with very much success this time which was a very promising sign. We took a few pictures and got on our way. Kristee did an excellent job this time she learned to do turns both from heelside to toeside and toeside to heelside. She only fell twice and made it all the way to the bottom conquering a pretty steep green run. I was so proud of her she did an extremely good job. I went back up for one more run before lunch. At lunch we decided that we would just take a little trip out to Vail so that I could see what it was like to snowboard at Vail. It was about a 25 minute drive and wasn’t that bad and it was very interesting, but the terrain was different than where we were staying. It was fun snowboarding there, but I wasn’t all that impressed with Vail even though it is suppose to be a little more pricey. That was where our snowboarding ended and we went back to Breckenridge to take it easy and relax on our last evening before heading back to Wichita.

We had a blast, but really missed the kids and couldn’t wait to get back to see them. Every kid that we saw up there reminded us of Halee and Gavin and we were excited to get back and spend some time with them. It was a lot of fun watching Kristee learn how to snowboard and I was extremely proud at how well she did and look forward to her getting better and maybe one day get her to go down a blue-black with me on the snowboard.


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