Only 2 More Days!!

Only 2 more days till we go to Colorado to go snowboarding. I am so excited about going, we are going to Breckenridge and getting to stay there at the slopes. We will also probably venture over to Keystone to do a little snowboarding. Kristee has decided to take up snowboarding for good, we bought her a snowboard for the trip and I am really excited about it. She has been snowboarding 2 days about 4-5 years ago. It will be interesting to see if she remembers anything or will we be starting over from the beginning. I will love being able to say that my wife snowboards with me. I am sure that she will catch on as long as I am patient with her and really help her learn how to get down the mountain. I don’t think that she will have any problems may be a few falls here and there, but that is what every snowboarder goes through when learning. Needless to say she may have given up skiing for good, as for me a don’t ever see myself going back to skiing, and since she has her own snowboarding equipment it wouldn’t make much since for her to go back. It is soo exciting, Kristee is a snowboarder!!!!


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  1. enjoy my man. i’ll be at work while you’re out on the slopes. hope you give me some thoughts here as i only get thursday off, and i have to work saturday. fun fun.