iTunes Video Feed

Well as discovered by my bro our home video podcast is legit, we are listed in the podcast directory. Now you can simply go into iTunes Music Store and search in the Podcast section for Metts, Josh, Kristee, Halee, Gavin, or home videos and you will see listed in the results our joshandkristeevideo podcast. All you have to do is click subscribe and then it will be added to your podcast and will download all movies put online automatically. I am really excited about it and am anxious to get some more videos up online to fill up those ipods. Haha. As my mom said, “This is everyone’s nightmare to be able to take your home videos with you and force your friends to stop and watch your videos of the kids and family.” I must say that I try my best to make the videos fun and entertaining so that people don’t get bored watching, plus I try to keep the time frame down by editing out boring sections. I know that attention spans only go so far, so I hope that I am keeping them in a good time frame. Jon I must say that you may have stumbled onto something with this sharing home videos via iTunes. It really isn’t hard to setup at all and is a very, very convenient way to get your videos onto family and friends computers automatically. So for those that haven’t subscribed yet please do so and if you put it in manually, delete that and then go in and subscribe to joshandkristeevideo podcast in the iTunes directory. THIS IS SO COOL!!!


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  1. Oh my goodness! The daredevil video is hysterical! I love it. You guys have the cutest family!

    And if you’re serious about wanting a babysitter, I’m MORE than happy! I love kids, yours a adorable, and I’d be glad to give you guys a break sometime for a night on the town. Give me a call.

  2. We might just have to take you up on that offer, I know that Kristee and I would love to get a night out without the kids.