iPod Video

Well it looks like the video that is embedded can be downloaded and placed into itunes and viewed on an ipod without any kind of change. This will help a lot so that I won’t have to put 2 different file on the website. I will go ahead and leave the iPod Video link on since it is already on there. I plan on making all my videos compatible with ipods from here on out and maybe one day I will be fortunate enough to get a new ipod that plays videos so that I can carry around videos of my kids and show them off to everyone. Also the file size was pleasantly small compared to the way that I was previously encoding the video so that is a big plus. I have some more footage of the kids playing in the leaves and I hope to have time to put a new movie together soon. The wheelie just couldn’t wait I thought it was awesome and I hope that all enjoy!!!


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  1. Really, thanks Josh…I can see my grades going down the tube right now! 🙂 No, I’m kidding. Although it was your thoughtful suggestion that I start my own blog, I’ve already made three posts in 24 hours. Boring, yes. Superficial, yes. But boy has it been a great time away from the studies!! Did you get a new video IPOD like our two nerdy brothers?

  2. No unfortunately not at this point, but I would love to get one sometime down the road, it would actually be more useful to me rather than either of our brothers. I could load up all the pics of the kids and the videos of the kids and neither of them take enough pictures or videos to really justify having one. I am just kidding Ian and Jon, I hope to join the ranks of video ipod users one day. Blogging is great the more post to read the better, I think.