Dare Devil Video

I just finished putting the Dare Devil video on the website, it is a video of Halee riding a wheelie in her hummer. It is compatible with the video ipod for those who are lucky enough to have the newest ipod. I was struggling on how to put it in the web page and I finally had to embed it into a web page. For some reason the browser wouldn’t automatically start playing just the link video file. I have included a iPod Video link that will download a .zip file that for sure will work, but also you can right-click and choose to save as quicktime movie once the video is fully loaded. Anyone who has a video ipod please try to use the right-click on the embed video just to see if it will work, since I am not fortunate to have one yet I cannot test it. I want some feed back as to whether or not you can use the embedded video on the new ipods. As for the video we had a blast making it, I really get a kick out of watching her ride a wheelie in the hummer, I wish I was small enough to do it.

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  1. Very nice. That first one had me rolling. She does a very good job. I am impressed. I will try it out on the iPod when I get home.

    I was also just thinking. You and I can talk about this one, but you could very easily make a “video podcast” per se. Meaning, it really wouldn’t be a podcast in the traditional sense, but it would be a “podcast” feed to automatically update all of us iTunes users on these videos. Of course this would work for anyone with iTunes, but especially useful for us Video iPod owners (being dad and myself of course).

  2. I see where you are going with the video podcast thing, that would be great a great way to distribute the video to anyone who wants it and uses itunes. I really could see it being very beneficial to the ipod users just because it goes straight to itunes.