We took the kids out tonight to go trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. Halee was a cowgirl and Gavin much to my dislike was a bumblebee. (I prefer Killer Bee!) We took pics I will put them up on the website soon. Anyways we left around 6:30 it was dark at the time and headed next door first. Neither of the kids said anything they just stood there and got some candy put in their buckets. It really didn’t take the kids long to realize what they were doing and what they needed to do to get more candy. I would say by the 4th house they both knew what to do when they arrived at the door. One of the biggest mistakes that was made was one of the houses we went to allowed them to get the candy out of the bowl. It was long before Halee was up on a porch banging and I mean banging on the door, Gavin was right behind her and he actually started charging the door. The people would crouch down to their level and the kids both dove into the bowl with both hands getting what they could. They didn’t care whether or not the person had already put some candy in their bowls or not. Most people just laughed and let them go ahead, but occasionally someone would push there hands away from the bowl. Both Halee and Gavin were saying trick-or-treat, at least Kristee and I could understand what they were saying, but I doubt anyone else did. It was funny to watch them charge the doors of the homes and letting the homeowners know that they were there for the candy. One lady was taking a little too long to gather the candy and Halee saw the bowl and was reaching inside around the corner to try to get herself some candy, fortunately the lady did not mind and fell out laughing.

We had a really good time until close to the end because Gavin decided that he did not want to be carried and he wanted to walk, but the issue was that he wanted to walk in the opposite direction we were headed. He was fine walking away from us and did not care where we were headed. I literally had to carry him kicking and screaming down a block to get home because he wanted down but wouldn’t stay with us. We really enjoyed watching the kids this being Gavin’s 1st trick or treat trip and Halee’s 2nd. They are a blast to watch because they really are a dynamic duo. I must say that we have got to have some of the most aggressive trick-or-treaters I have ever seen in my life, they weren’t going to let anything stop them from getting their hands into those big bowls of candy.


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