Gavin’s Accident

I meant to post about the latest accident Gavin had 3 weeks ago. I was too shaken up by the accident to post anything about it at the time. Then the next week family was in town and I didn’t do any post during that time, so here it is.

3 weeks, on Thursday the 6th, ago I was in the kitchen putting some groceries away while the kids were in living room playing, so I thought. When I am not the room with them I do check on them frequently just because you never know what they can get into. I have also learned that it takes only a few seconds for them to get into trouble. As I was putting away the groceries I heard one of the kids hit the floor and start crying immediately, it was Gavin. Halee said that she saw the whole thing and she did her best to describe what had happened. She told me that he was climbing the computer chair to get to the upper tier of the computer desk to get my cell phone and she said he was standing on the arms of the chair and the chair swivels so it probably swung around and he went crashing to the floor. He might have possibly hit the main level of the desk on the way down, I am not sure. He was getting onto his knees crying and holding his face laying next to the computer desk and computer chair. I ran over to him and picked him up and check him over looking at his check that he was holding and didn’t see anything. Then as he was crying blood started to come out of his mouth and I rushed over to the sink and got a wet paper towel for him to put in his mouth to stop the bleeding. It was no more than 45 seconds the bleeding had stopped and I looked in his mouth as good as he would let me and saw nothing. I thought that maybe he made his gums bleed and they stopped bleeding fast. He had quit crying so I thought all was well and we went and started to eat a little lunch. We were eating pizza and with every bite he was cry a little and hold his mouth and I could figure out what was bothering him, maybe a small cut that burned with the pizza sauce. Towards the end of lunch he was acting sleepy so I started cleaning him up so he could go take a nap. He opened his mouth and I could see half way back on his tongue there was a huge cut. It was about an inch wide and opened up when he stuck out his tongue. I immediately started shaking and sweating, he was handling the injury way better than I was at the point in time. I had him drink some water to wash out his mouth to keep it as clean as possible. I called Kristee at school to get her opinion as to what I should do and she told me that the tongue heals faster than just about any other place on the body. It helped comfort me a little, but I was still quite shaken. I went ahead and put him down for a nap and I had to sit to get a hold of myself, I was almost to tears just because I never want anything to happen to Halee or Gavin. It was a decent hole that was in the middle of his tongue where his teeth bit down when he hit the floor, it was really difficult for me to look at and made me cringe every time I saw it. I was on edge for the next several days almost hovering over him to make sure nothing happened to him.

The next day he was fine, we watched what he ate to make sure that he didn’t eat anything that would make the cut hurt. I couldn’t believe it and by the 3rd day everything was back to normal, he ate what he wanted and drank milk just fine without any pain. His tongue is almost back to normal with small little scar that may eventually go away, but we are not sure. It really amazes me just how fast his tongue healed, within 4 days it was looking great. It is really hard to see my kids get hurt, it affects me in a way that I cannot describe. The crazy thing is the fact that when they get hurt they are honestly stronger than I am at times, almost like come on dad it is just a minor cut I’ll get over it. I really hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. I don’t like hovering over my kids’ every move, but like them to experience little falls, bumps and bruises I feel like it is just a part of life, but still don’t like seeing them in any kind of pain.


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