Been Busy!

Well I have been meaning to post to the blog over the past several days because it has been a little while since my last post. Last week my brother was up here for the whole week and then my parents and sister came to visit us about mid-way through the week. It was a blast to have my side of the family up here in Lee’s Summit, dad and my sister hadn’t been up to see our new place yet. My brother actually flew into Wichita and we picked him up there so that we could go to a Maize fall festival where Halee was scheduled to ride the pony in the parade, but couldn’t due to the fact that the pony was not behaving well enough to put her on. (We have a few pics I need to put on the site) Jon was picked up from the airport in Ian’s Lambo, which we are sad to say has been sold. That was Jon’s dream car, but at least he got a chance to drive it before it was sold. After the fall festival Ian, Jon and I set off to Oklahoma for the dunes to do some 4-wheeling, but before that we took Ian’s shifter cart for a spin, it can reach speeds close to 110 mph. We had an absolute blast that weekend, but a little worn out from all the fun. Then we all came back to Lee’s Summit to spend sometime up here before my parents and sister arrived on Thursday.

Mom, Dad and Sarah arrived Thursday morning and I know that they were excited to see the kids and the kids were excited to see them as well. At least I know Halee was, Gavin still isn’t quite sure who people are that he doesn’t get to see on a regular basis. We pretty much just hung out around here and went into Kansas City to visit the Apple store to pick up a new video ipod for my brother and a mac mini for dad and mom. Welcome to the wonderful world of macs, now my parents can do some video conferencing with us and the kids. It is awesome it will allow them to get to see the kids a lot more and the kids will get a chance to see gramps and grammy a little more often. Jon and I have been trying to get them to buy a mac for this purpose, now finally they purchased one, it is so exciting. Kristee’s parents have a mac also and it allows us to really keep in touch with all family members, I would say it is way better than any telephone conversation or email you can do just because it is real time. Anyways back to the visit, dad ended up getting a video ipod also and we spent the weekend converting all our movies of the kids to a format that is playable on the video ipod. We had a wonderful time while they were here and I know the kids thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my side of the family that they don’t get to see just a whole lot of.

I been trying to get ourselves back into routine all week long, it hasn’t been to bad, but just as with coming back from vacation there has been that slight delay to get back into full routine. The main thing is getting the kids into taking their afternoon naps, I found that it is extremely difficult when they don’t get a good solid nap during the day. They are very hard to deal with when it gets closer to bedtime because they are so ready to go to bed, but they fight it. Both Halee and Gavin are getting along great they are having a slight difficult time dealing with the temperature change that is going on. They want to go outside so bad, but usually we had been going outside shortly after breakfast, but now we have to go out during the afternoon. It has been around 37 degrees during the morning and warming up to the mid 50’s during the day. I actually let Halee go out this morning to feel for herself, I thought that might be a way to convince her. She had on short sleeve shirt and shorts with no shoes and it was 38 degrees. Needless to say she did not want to stay out very long at all, it actually worked in convincing her that it wouldn’t be that fun outside with it being that cold. I could tell in watching her that she was really wanting to prove to me that she could handle the cold and really wanted to play out there. I had a good laugh and told her to tell Gavin why we couldn’t play outside in the morning time. We will just have to wait and see if she remembers tomorrow morning.


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