Coming for A Visit

I am pretty excited my brother Jon is coming up to visit us this Friday and we are all looking forward to having family up here is Kansas City. Actually we are going to have almost my entire family up next week when Mom, Dad, and my sister Sarah drive up next Wednesday. Unfortunately Josh her husband isn’t able to come due to work, but that is alright we’ll get him up here sometime soon. We will have a packed house, but I know that we will all have fun and I know that the kids will really like having them here to stay at our house. I know that they are all excited to come up and see the kids and maybe see Kristee and I for a little while. The good thing is that Kristee is getting all of her test out of the way this week and she won’t have as many to take next week while they are here. We are really excited and look forward to having the family up for the week.


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