Cellphones, Computers!!!

I must say I know that we are raising our kids to be productive people in society when I was playing with them in Gavin’s room and Gavin has a cellphone and is riding his rocking dog. We let the kids play with old cellphones that don’t work, they really like the real looking phones and are not as excited about the fake kid phones. Anyways Gavin is rocking on the dog and talking to “someone” on his cellphone. Like I said I think he is already learning to multi-task. The same goes for Halee, you can frequently see her taking care of he baby and talking on the cellphone and she actually carries what sounds like a real phone conversation. She pauses to let the other person say something and then responds to whatever the “other person” has said. I must say that it is very cute.

As some of you know we do a lot of video chats with family and friends on our computer. I must say that it is one of the best ways to keep in touch with both friends and family. Last night I came into the living room after putting Gavin down for the night and I see Halee jump down from the computer chair and run to the couch. Halee knows that she is not allowed to mess with my computer, but of course that doesn’t stop her from trying to mess with it. Both kids have actually messed a few things up on the computer such as renaming the Hard Drive to ++++3334 and moving my documents folder around. I must say now more that ever I consider backups to be extremely important. Back to the story, I look at the computer and she has managed to invite a friend of mine Andrew to a video conference and he is in the process of accepting it so needless to say I told Andrew that Halee had invited him to video chat and he got a kick out of it. I really don’t think that is was an act of randomly clicking the mouse, but she was clicking in the right area to invite a video chat. The reason I think that she has an idea as to where to do the video chat is because I caught her today and she was moving the mouse right inside my buddy box clicking as she moved within the box. I know she pays a lot of attention to the video chatting because she is always involved with the video chat and really enjoys it. It really amazes me what our kids are growing up to see as normal and talking to friends and family in our kids minds is having the ability to see who they are talking and not just a picture but real time video. I actually can’t wait till the day that this is just the norm for every household. Of course some people might not be comfortable with the fact that they might have to look in the mirror before they give someone a call. I think that it is awesome and also a little crazy that our kids will grow up with all this incredible technology and will learn to use it a such a young age, Halee and Gavin are well on their way!


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