Kylee’s 1st Tooth

Halee noticed that Kylee was getting her 1st tooth just yesterday. She was carrying her to the car and Kylee opened her mouth enough for Halee to see a small white tooth poking through her lower gums. It is tough to see as she isn’t exactly cooperative. But you can definitely feel the tooth when you rub your finger across the gum. It also helps explain the past 2 nights and how little sleep Kristee was getting. Kylee got up at least 3-4 times during both nights.  I am posting a photo of a shot of her lower gums. You can’t really see anything just yet, and yes she wasn’t happy about me attempting to get a photo.

It will be interesting to see how she changes as the teeth all begin to come in. It amazes me how much teeth change the look of a baby.

Kylee's 1st tooth.
Kylee’s 1st tooth.
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Kylee Height & Weight Update

6 month appointment (7 months old)

Height 26.5 inches

Weight 15 lbs. 3 oz.

For comparison I found Halee’s 6 month appointment in which she was actually closer to 6 months old.

Height 25.5 inches

Weight 15 lbs. 10 oz.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find Gavin’ Height and Weight. I didn’t start logging them online when they were this young. There is a chance it is somewhere, but I am just not sure where. If I happen to come across it I will post it for comparison. I think she is closer to Gavin’s size if I remember correctly.

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Kylee Crawling & Standing Up

This past week Kylee has become a little more mobile. She is beginning to get the hang crawlying around. She isn’t relying on it consitantly yet and tends to stand up on her feet as she attempts to crawl. Another thing that she has started doing is standing up while holding on to the couch or table. As we know the issue with this is that bumps and bruises also occur. Plus we have to make sure that we are keeping a closer eye on her. And time to start baby proofing the house. She has fallen and bumped several parts of her body, fortunately she rebounds quickly. I will be posting photos and videos shortly.

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Downward Dog

Kylee is so close to crawling, but this is her pose to get things moving. She gets her feet moving from this position, but doesn’t move her arms so she goes no where. It is so cute to see her do it in person.

If only I could do yoga as well as she can!

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Kylee 7 Months Old

It is hard to believe that Kylee is now 7 months old. It is crazy to think of how fast time has flown by. She is so close to crawling, if she could get her arms moving forward she would have it. She does at least have the army crawl down and is very mobile. I need to shoot a couple of 7 month old photos and post them and get video of her attempting to crawl. She does this standing up on her feet with her butt up in the air and does a little dance. She just doesn’t quite get the coordination of moving her arms in sync with her legs.

The other thing that she has started doing which is a little bit of a shock is pulling herself up to a standing position. All she needs is something strong and stable to grab onto and then she is up. I will say that she doesn’t stay up very long before she falls back down, but she does get to a standing position.

One thing that she does that gets me everytime is a smile that will light up the room. Love seeing her smiling face in the morning or when I see her when I get home from work. She is always excited to see me. It is such a neat feeling when you see her smiling at you.

Halee and Gavin are both enjoying her more and more each day along with Kylee enjoying her older brother and sister. She is playing more and more each day and the kids like being able to play with her.

I will be posting photos and videos soon.

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