Alligator Encounter

Alligator Encounter

I was at our hotel shooting a welcome for church when I looked in the water and thought I saw a large snake, but it wasn’t moving. I zoomed in with my camera and saw the whole body of the alligator. I am guessing he was about 5 feet long. I took my eyes off to shoot some more footage and looked back again to see that he was coming much closer to check me out. When I got up to shoot video of him his body went underwater with only his eyes above water, it was awesome!!!

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New Photo Albums

I have uploaded a couple of new photo albums to picasa. The 1st one is of 4th of July. We went out to the cabin and did a little jet skiing and setting off fireworks. I also took some video that that will be put together hopefully soon. We had a lot of fun. The 2nd photo album was from our trip to the zoo yesterday. We got to go with Titus, Kami and Nana. It was a lot of fun and we got to see the new Tiger exhibit which was awesome!! Halee did get a little scared of the petting zoo when the sheep swarmed us for food, but she got over it. I also discovered the color accent feature of our point and shoot camera and had some fun with it. Enjoy the photos!!

4th of July 2009

Zoo Day July 2009
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New Photos Albums

I have posted 2 new albums to Picasa.  We took a trip out to Westcliffe, Co for some friends’ wedding.  I separated what was taken for the wedding and what I shot while site seeing.  The first one is from the Wedding.  The kid’s look incredible and you can’t beat the background that we got to shoot photos in.

From Andrew & Stevie’s Wedding

The majority of the second set were taken at Pikes Peak outside of Colorado Springs.

From Trip to Colorado June 2009
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Love of Money

We are currently watching Spongebob Squarepants and on the show Mr. Crabs is talking to his big pile of money.  I asked Gavin if he was crazy and Gavin said, “He just loves his money.”  I thought this would be a good opportunity to give a nice life lesson, about the downfalls of loving money. 

I told him and Halee that is isn’t good to love money.  I told them that we do need it to live, but that it isn’t something that we are to obsess over.  So of course the questions start coming as to why.  I explained that if you think about money too much you lose out on the more important things in life, such as family and friends. 

After going through the little life lesson.  Gavin looked at me and said, “I don’t love money, I just like to spend it.”

I am so glad that he got the point of my message.

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Out of School

As I had posted earlier we decided to save some money and take Gavin out of preschool.  This has been the first week for him to be at home with me and I have loved every minute of it. 

He went with me on Monday to the church to play basketball for about an hour.  He took the DS and a little basketball.  He played with those for a little while, but then watched me play with the guys most of the time.  After we left he said, “That was fun.”  You have to realize he didn’t want to go when I mentioned it to him earlier on.

We did go to school on Tuesday for about 30 minutes for him to take a picture with his class.  He got to play for a little while and he said that he was having fun and missed his friends after we left.  But, when I asked him if he wanted to go back he said, “No.”  When we got back home we both took a little rest for about 30 minutes. (I was dead after getting up at 7:30 when I went to bed at 2:00am after getting off work.)

Although he is out of school I want to make sure that he is still learning and getting a least some school type learning/ activities rather than just playing the whole time.  Yesterday I wanted to get a good idea of what he knew and we went through and he wrote out the alphabet in Upper and Lower case letters.  We also went through and worked on writing his numbers.  Each day we are going to work on bettering his writing skills.  We read for a while today and I had him learn to write some simple words like cat, dog, hat, bug.  He did an awesome job and even was able to sound out the words to figure out what he was writing.  I was extremely impressed with what he knows. 

The thing that gets me even more is how excited he is when he is learning new stuff, it always seemed to me that he was always wanting to do something else like tv, computer, or playing instead of sitting down to learn.  He has really gotten a kick out of me being the teacher.  This morning after breakfast one of the first things that he asked was “when are we going to do school daddy.”  It makes it so much easier when he is wanting to learn and is really excited about the things he is learning.

Even though I am sad that he is getting to play with his friends I know that we are going to have an awesome time together and I am going to treasure every moment I get with him.  I can’t wait till April when I will get to spend time with Halee when she gets home from school and I don’t have to go to work.

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Sad But Happy Day

Today was Gavin’s last day at Pre-k.  We made the decision to take him out to save a little money since I will be laid off March 31st.  We decided to take him out 3 weeks before because with Spring Break coming up for Halee Gavin wouldn’t be going either, but we would still have to pay for him since it is pre-k/ day care.  It is sad that he won’t be going any more and I know he has made some good friends there and has really enjoyed his teachers.  Kristee and I both have really liked the program that he was in and felt like it was awesome for him to get to go there.  Unfortunately due to the economy it will be in our best interest to take him out.  Obviously Halee continue to go there since she is in actual school. 

He even said that he was sad when he left and said that he was going to miss his friends and teachers, but then also he has been looking forward to this day. (we had been telling him for a couple of weeks)  Although it makes me sad to take him away from his school, but I am also excited to get the chance to spend a lot more time with him even before I am laid off.  We will have a good time.  I plan on getting on some little schedule for school type activities.  I really do look forward to spending more time with him, but it is a shame to see some changes that we are starting to make just because of our current economic situation.

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Halee’s Field Trip

Today I got to join Halee’s class and go see Jack and the Beanstalk at the Wichita Children’s Theater.  It was really a fun time to go and spend it with Halee.  One thing I realize at this age is that both kids really like having their parents come to events/ field trips that they go on.  I know in the not too distant future there will come a time when mom and dad will be an embarrassment.  I have learned to really cherish these times when they are all excited about me being able to be there with them.  It is a good feeling to know that she really enjoyed having me there, she sat in my lap the entire show and I loved every minute of it.

I also got to watch her class participate in PE before we headed out for the theater.  They were doing different types of races.  Some of them were running, some were running on their toes, skipping, hopping.  She was the fastest kid in her class. (14 kids)  She even held up once for one of the boys to catch up to her before beating him.  There were times that she didn’t “win”, but a couple of times she wasn’t paying attention and got off the line late, but by the time she was back at the starting line she would just about pass everyone, but a couple of kids.  She had told us that she was the fastest runner in her class, but I have never gotten a chance to see her run in her class.  She has those long legs that give her an extremely long stride compared to most of her friends.

I am extremely proud of her and how well she gets along with her friends at school.  She really loves going to school and I know that I couldn’t ask for anything better.

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3 New Photo Albums

I took the kids to a new park here in town to play, we had a blast.

From A Day at the Park with Daddy

Kristee and I both got to go with Halee’s class on a field trip to Cox Farms pumpkin patch. It was really cool to see Halee and all her friends from her school and how she gets along with them.

From Halee’s Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

We went with Kristee down to the Haysville Fall Festival and got to do some fun things there. Unfortunately my camera’s battery ran out and I only got a few photos.

From Haysville Fall Festival
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